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Advance Tec 4 Bay Advance Logic Charging Station

Advance Tec 4 Bay Advance Logic Charging Station

  • $ 69900

Are your Batteries Always Good To Go?
Keep your Li-Ion, Li-Poly, Ni-CD & Ni-MH batteries at peak condition

The AdvanceLogic™ Conditioning Charger is a versatile, tri-chemistry  conditioning charger available in both single and four bay configuration, designed for everyday use with most major OEM portable radio batteries, including Motorola® Impres™ radio batteries. Each of the four bays act independently of each other and will charge up to four batteries of any battery chemistry type simultaneously; both intrinsically safe (IS) and non-intrinsically safe batteries (Non-IS.) including drop-in capability for Impres™ batteries alone or while attached to the radio using a specially designed adaptor cup. The AdvanceLogic™ also provides drop-in rapid charging for non-Impres™ batteries as well.

  • Tri-chemistry charging for multiple radio types and battery chemistries
  • Four independent, field-interchangeable “snap-in”/”snap-out” feature adapters on the four bay unit.
  • Drop-In capability for Impres™ radio batteries, as well as non-Impres™ batteries
  • Switches into maintenance mode after charge reaches 100% capacity to keep batteries at peak condition for as long as they remain on the charger.
  • Lightweight yet robust design can be used with supplied AC power supply in the office or optional DC power cable in the vehicle.
  • LED indicators independently show the charge status of each battery.
  • To ensure a full charge each time, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH chemistry batteriesare charged based on one algorithm and Li-Ion on another with the software codes loaded onto the battery adapter plates.


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