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Advance Tec 4 Bay Logic Software

Advance Tec 4 Bay Logic Software

  • $ 1,47300

The AdvanceLogic™ Analyzer is a complete Battery Maintenance Solution Analyzer/Conditioner/ Charger unit which offers “real time” Software Driven Monitoring System  via a PC/Laptop. These units will accommodate 1 – 4 batteries andare compatible with Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion and Li-Poly chemistry batteries.

  • Capable of automatically conditioning and rapidly charging Ni-Cd, NiMH, Li-Ion and Li-Poly batteries, in a single  process in the same unit
  • Charges at current rates recommended by the battery manufacturers
  • Display in “real time” the process of conditioning and/or analyzing the capacity of the battery in mAh, showing charge status as “Soft Charge”, “Full Charge”, “Topping Charge” and “Maintenance Charge”
  • Indicates battery current, battery voltage, charge voltage, capacity check and phase time with the highest degree of accuracy
  • Provides a graph that charts the itemized process for each testing station.
  • Can select the number of cycles (up to three) in the capacity check phase.
  • Switches to Maintenance Mode once the battery is fully charged, conditioned and analyzed.
  • In the Maintenance Mode the battery is kept at peak condition for as long as it is left on the unit, without ever overcharging or overheating.
  • Keeps a log on any identified battery for history storage
  • Backed by a full 1 year warranty.


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