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Buckeye Platinum Foam and Concentrates

Buckeye Platinum Foam and Concentrates

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Foam Concentrates

Protecting the Environment In addition to delivering superior reliability, Buckeye foam concentrates are all manufactured without EPA reportable components,thus reducing environmental impact. By using only Earth-Friendly components, we relieve you of the major problems and burdensome paperwork that can result from the discharge of other foam concentrates. This environmental commitment in no way dilutes the fire-fighting effectiveness of Buckeye products. Every foam concentrate we manufacture is subjected to rigorous quality control standards and comprehensive testing to ensure complete reliability and maximum fire fighting performance.

Buckeye Foam and Concentrates, Platinum, 3%-6% AR-AFFF, 3% AR-AFFF, 3% AFFF, Earth Friendly 1% AFFF, or Class A

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